Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Importance of Being An Alpha Male

A few weeks ago, there was an interesting discussion about the alpha male guy in forum Love Class. A reader named Gilbert ask his opinion about an event at the National Geographic show how men can become dominant among other men by imitating the dominant attitudes of other primates. I've also been watching the same show a few days before the question was asked. Scientists at the event tried to do what the alpha male monkey do to see if anything to do with human romance (in the context of a fellow primates). Apparently there is a common thread that connects the alpha male behavior and the level of attractiveness of the man in human groups.

If you are confused what is an alpha male and have never heard of the term, the alpha male is the male leader of the most superior, most dominant, and most importantly in a group or area. Other males, the followers called beta male alpha male. Stud the bottom, suffering object of all other human being is the omega male. Alpha male is not simply a human in the loop, but also in many species, including wolves, dogs, lions, deer, hippos, and others. It is a clear attraction symbol for the rest of women.

He must be able to make her ejaculate, total domination on the lady and also be gentle with her. The ability to giver her a powerful squirting orgasm is definitely going to take you far. Watch this on vimeo on how to do it. Also refer to this sensitive spot for more information.

In Love Life
Man must always provide guidance. No matter what.!! Don't whine, don't complain. Protect her. Face everything like a man.As a result she will really respect you, but at the same time it will be able to maintain that attraction.

While it is in many other species, which is the alpha female. In the past, where we carry batons and hunting mammoths, the role of the alpha male in a group of humans is everything. Alpha male is entitled to get food at the most, get the most beautiful wife, getting the most widespread (in fact, every inch of land is inhabited by his group), and get all sorts of rights and privileges. At that time, women flocked to queue up for alpha male approach, because: The status of an alpha male ensure the well-being of himself and his descendants (wife and son alpha male who became obvious chiefs will not starve and protected by members of other tribes). Genetic an alpha male offspring quality guarantee. Her son will inherit the qualities of his father. And for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, this system recorded in human genetics and the way we look for a partner.

In modern times, the alarm still sounds genetic women hard at the sight of a man with alpha male qualities: selfish, hard, head, dominance, competitive, adventurers, explorers, hard on the outside soft on the inside, etc.. Examples are men troublemakers that we saw in class, captain of the basketball team who is always skipping class, and playboy playboy in our environment. But on the other hand, in modern times, the quality of an alpha male is no longer ensure the welfare of their offspring. The trouble makers are no longer getting the most food, the bad boy is no longer getting the most widespread, the playboy does not get more rights than the beta male.

These men were able to create interest, but are not able to guarantee comfort. These men were able to make a woman come, but they were not able to make her stay. In fact, rich men beta with quality that meet all the criteria that used to be owned by an alpha male primordial. Good-natured men who are able to support his wife and children. The men who are able to provide comfort and ensure that their offspring will never starve for the rest of their lives.

The problem is, these men are only able to provide comfort, but not able to create interest. These men were able to make her stay, but if not there are women who want to come, so there is no living. There are two major phases in the romance. The first phase is of interest. The second phase is the convenience. In modern times, the alpha male is only able to make interest, while only the men with the quality financially capable of creating comfort (safety and security future). Well you do not have to choose one, want to be the alpha male bad ass naughty boy destitute, or so the nice guy who did not sell well. If a man can be attractive style alpha male and be able to create comfort, why should choose one?